My Experience of Covid-19 Lockdown

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Hi Everyone

Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I have been getting my head around all this Covid-19 stuff and how life is changing for us all.

Teaching beauty has changed to teaching my kids and having more free time to enjoy my new house.

This has been a blessing for the last few weeks but I am now focusing back on my work and using this extraordinary time I’ve been given to fine tune my business and emerge from this time stronger, bigger and better!

So I thought I’d start with this blog post about myself and how I got here today.

I am Charlotte and married with 2 daughters who are 8 and 11. I have done beauty therapy and massage for 21 years now, having worked in salons and spas in and around Harrogate. My longest spell was at Harrogate Turkish Baths for 14 years.

I now work in a local beauty salon 3 days a week and run my own independent training company, Advance Beauty Training – so I keep pretty busy!

As you are all living through this challenging time, you’ll be aware that overnight things just grounded to a halt… literally!

It’s a very unnerving time as we all have no idea when our industry will be able to start up again. With it being so hands on, we are at a higher risk of catching these viruses – so need to take the highest precautions when we return to work.

At first I was in a bit of a blur. I was suddenly flung into home schooling, on furlough from my salon and wondering what the next few weeks were going to bring.

As the days and weeks have gone by I have settled into a slower routine, trying to make the most of this rare time I have with my family 24/7 which has it’s highs and lows.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rare treat to have the Easter bank holiday off work so that weekend was special to me.

My husband works from home anyway so his routine hasn’t changed that much and luckily we are used to being at home together alot. I know for some of you it’s a huge routine change!

I feel I have had my rest and recharged batteries and I am now looking forward to the future and making my action plan for when we come out of lockdown. This is important to me as a tutor as I want to restart after lockdown with some fresh new courses, new products to use and an invigorated new approach to my training.

I can’t thank my students enough for all their support, for making my career possible and for understanding that we had to put things on pause for a while.

One thing I know for sure is that when this whole ‘Covid-19 thing’ is over, as beauty therapists and masseurs we are going to be the busiest we have ever been. I for one can’t wait to see everyone again and look forward to meeting lots f new students too!

The future in the beauty world is looking to be it’s most prosperous ever so if you’re looking to enter this industry, now is the time to act on it.

Obviously I’m not available for 1-2-1 or group training until after the lockdown, but if you want any help or advice, you can call me on 01423 582316 for a chat or email

Take care and keep safe

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